Here's To Never Growing up
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Top 20 TVD Ships: (as voted by my followers)
#18. Damon and Stefan

Do you have your own mood lighting now, because, frankly, the accent is enough.


Legit Johnlock Scenes

Lestrade has to learn to knock the door of his own office.


elena&alaric + damon in mortal peril

What do you say roomie?




You know, I think she asked these questions for a reason, and that reason was she wanted to know if everything she’d gone through was for nothing. She was basically pleading with Marina, she didn’t want to hear that she suffered so long and lost so much just for Marina to dump her. Ideally Marina would have said, “No, you aren’t any of those things. You’re someone who followed her heart,” or something along those lines. Instead she gave her a bath and talked about her wife. Ouch.

Exactly, Marina was toxic. Jenny literally gave up EVERYTHING and Marina’s life was basically left untouched by that point. She hadn’t made any sacrifices to show Jenny she actually cared about her, which makes me believe she never cared about her. It takes a risk to show love and Jenny really loved her.


Did it ever occur to you that you have no idea who I really am?

I wouldn’t respond to anything but Ariel 


"It’s over. We’re over."